Empowering Creators

There is always a light to guide you forward

Robust Team Support

With a profound understanding of the market, keen insights, and rich experience, our professional operations team embraces creators, accompanying everyone in achieving growth goals together.

Top-notch Live Studio

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, our advanced offline studios create the best live streaming environment, providing perfect support for professional livestreamers.

Personalized Development

Providing tailored guidance and support based on each livestreamer's personality and talents, helping them discover their own style and audience, thus maximizing their impact.

Strategic Brand Marketing

We build our IP by actively promoting ourselves through various multimedia interactions, connecting with emerging brands aspiring to expand their business influence.

Community-Based Operations

Leveraging community platforms, providing learning materials , sharing operational strategies, supplemented by professional operational technical support, to achieve efficient self-directed learning.

Offline Events

Regularly organized offline events offer livestreamers the chance to engage closely with our team and other content creators, fostering collaboration and nurturing cooperative relationships within a supportive environment.

About Us

We continuously pursue innovation and excellence, providing solid support and unparalleled service for everyone’s success.


Who are we?

Giggle Entertainment is dedicated to providing comprehensive entertainment livestreaming services for TikTok livestreamers.
We focus on entertainment livestreaming content creation, short video e-commerce, and are gradually expanding our business scope to include IP incubation and end-to-end marketing planning for domestic brands going global. Committed to maximizing the benefits of entertainment livestreaming for our partners, we provide integrated and efficient services.


Why Choose us?

1. Organized Support: The guild provides systematic support and resources, helping creators focus on content creation and reducing operational and managerial burdens.
2. Rapid Growth: Gain customized training and guidance to accelerate growth and improvement, quickly establish personal brands and influence.
3. Resource Sharing: Internal resource sharing and cooperation mechanisms allow creators to learn from each other, access more collaboration opportunities.
4. Wide Exposure: We have larger promotion channels and platform resources, helping creators increase exposure and visibility among a wider audience.


Our Advantages?

We offer:
1. The most comprehensive and up-to-date training materials.
2. Detailed mentoring programs.
3. A robust community support mechanism.
We are dedicated to expanding our business scope and scale, including cultivating teams and developing offline studio infrastructure. Our ambition extends beyond current achievements; we are confident and resourceful, aiming to achieve even greater breakthroughs and development in the short term.

TikTok & Giggle:
A Winning Combo

TikTok's Appeal:

TikTok, with its billions of users and advanced machine learning algorithms, offers unparalleled influence and future potential for creators to showcase themselves. It leads trends, empowers creativity, and provides an ideal platform for content expression and personal engagement.

Giggle Entertainment's Appeal:

Jigu Entertainment brings together partners with extensive experience in the livestreaming industry, innovatively creating a community of resource sharing to promote members’ growth and unity. Through continuous integration of localized resources and localized training, we deeply cultivate the market to ensure that each member receives the best support and development opportunities.

Our Team

Our team is composed of dedicated professionals who wholeheartedly support creators and partners, and are committed to driving innovation in the live streaming industry.


As Giggle Entertainment's COO,I have been deeply engaged in internet content operation for 5 years. With solid experience in content creation, I have effectively reduced costs and increased efficiency in business cooperation between brands and influencers.


As Giggle Entertainment's CEO, I am a serial entrepreneur. During my undergraduate years, I studied in Japan, and I obtained dual degrees in Japanese language and business management. With years of experience in the advertising industry, I have accumulated rich media resources and gained expertise in various aspects of media marketing and promotion.


As Giggle Entertainment's CBO, I bring over 10 years of experience in internet business development and management. I specialize in synergizing resources and models to drive innovative solutions and ensure the achievement of strategic objectives.

Feedback from tiktokers

The feedback from everyone is the driving force behind our continuous improvement and enhancement of service quality.

Giggle Entertainment's support and guidance have been invaluable in helping me grow my audience and increase engagement. Their expertise in the live streaming industry has truly made a difference in my success.
Being part of Giggle Entertainment's community has not only provided me with valuable resources and training but also connected me with like-minded creators. The support within the network have been instrumental in my growth.
Collaborating with Giggle Entertainment has opened up numerous opportunities for brand partnerships and monetization. Their strategic approach and connections in the industry have elevated my content and boosted my earnings.