The Reality of Japanese TikTok Users: Average Age 34, Reveals Hakuhodo Survey – Key Points Summary

TikTok is no longer just a “teen dance app” but has become a mainstream platform. Its expanding user base and diverse viral content significantly impact brand marketing strategies, offering a diversified media mix that surpasses Facebook and Instagram in the U.S. market.

A study on content fan consumption behavior has been conducted annually since 2011 by Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and Hakuhodo’s Joint Project Content Business Lab. This survey, involving around 5,000 individuals aged 15-69 nationwide, analyzes their consumption behaviors in 11 content categories like entertainment and sports, and tracks user trends across major platforms. It reveals user consumption patterns that traditional sales data cannot capture.

On September 3, DIGIDAY interviewed Yosuke Kinoshita and Yuki Taniguchi from the Content Business Lab, discussing TikTok users, their content consumption, and TikTok ad formats. Here are the key points:

Main Points:

  • Young User Base: TikTok’s users are primarily young, with an average age of 34, a figure that has been rising annually since 2019.
  • High Spending: TikTok users are very active in content spending, averaging 85,862 yen, more than twice the overall average (42,538 yen).
  • High Income: Users have a high average household income of 6.46 million yen, just below Facebook users (6.59 million yen).
  • High IT Literacy: They show strong interest in other platforms, payment services, smart speakers, and VR.
  • Trust in Recommendations: They trust content recommendations highly, with usage rates nearly double the average (46.5% vs. 26.1%), finding joy in discovering new things through ads.

Young and Active Spenders

The survey shows that TikTok’s main demographic is young, with the average age increasing annually. It’s not just teens and twenty-somethings; a notable proportion of married men with children use the platform, indicating a diverse and expanding user base. Usage has more than doubled since 2019.

TikTok users also lead in content spending across various categories like TV shows, comics, novels, music, and sports. Their total average spending is significantly higher than other platforms, reflecting a positive attitude towards spending.

High Trust in Recommendations

TikTok users have high spending and income levels, being second only to Facebook. They are active in both digital and real-world spending, showing a strong overall willingness to spend. They are also highly interested in other online services and new technologies, indicating high IT literacy.

Significantly, TikTok users trust recommendations from the service, using recommendation features at nearly double the overall average rate. This creates an environment where they enjoy discovering new things, including ads, which aligns with the platform’s content delivery style.

Advertising Challenges and Opportunities

Brands should note the platform’s unique characteristics and the low psychological barriers TikTok users have towards spending. For example, the high use of “tipping” in live streams shows that users are open to new monetization methods, suggesting potential for live commerce.

Advertising on TikTok should align with the platform’s content-centric user mindset. Brands and agencies need to understand the user’s intent to view content and integrate ads in a way that feels natural and engaging.

TikTok users expect diverse content beyond narrow video definitions. Thus, advertising should provide an experience rather than just an ad, enhancing user enjoyment and engagement.

Written by 分島翔平

Source:日本の TikTok ユーザーは平均34歳、博報堂調査が示す実態 : 要点まとめ | DIGIDAY[日本版]